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Sample Fundraising Letter

The following is a template for letters to send out to people broadly to raise funds for the BAsics Bus Tour. You can draw from and adapt this template, or write your own letters—the important thing is to reach out to everyone you know and call on them to donate to this tour that will make a big difference in the world. You can use the version below, or download the letter in a Word version.

Dear         ,

I am writing to ask for your support for an exciting and impactful venture… the next leg of the BAsics Bus Tour kicking off from New York City in mid-July.

This is building off the last leg in May which went from Atlanta, GA to Sanford, FL (where Trayvon Martin was murdered). This tour reached out to, and captured the imagination of, thousands—connecting people with the vision and work of Bob Avakian, the revolutionary leader who has developed a new synthesis of communism. And all throughout the tour, the multinational and multigenerational volunteers worked to involve people in the campaign to spread BA's voice even further as part of building the movement for revolution.

A brightly decorated 30-foot RV rolled through big cities and small southern towns, going to housing projects, high schools, and immigrant neighborhoods, getting out copies of BAsics—a book of quotations and short essays from Avakian which speaks to the essential questions of revolution and human emancipation. The volunteers held discussions in people’s homes and local bookstores…they showed clips of Avakian’s talk Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All Aboutto people on porches and streetcorners…they held protests, picnics and bbq’s where people could get into questions deeper and talk about getting organized with the revolution. The volunteers created a big scene, stirring up debate and controversy about something people have never been allowed to consider, and, as they did, they drew people forward and linked them to a national movement. This was reported on in near-real time—and was part of affecting the political terrain across the country and around the world, reacting back on and changing what people think is possible. (For more on the specifics of the tour, including the powerful message that was delivered to Sanford, go to and see the links below.)

The Tour tapped into people’s outrage at things as they are, and their hopes and aspirations for a different way the world could be… and an extremely profound connection was forged between some of the most desperate sections of the U.S. population and Bob Avakian's voice and revolutionary work. This is a connection that needs to be amplified and spread. But this won’t happen on the scale required without your support.

The next leg of the tour will kick off from New York—the global financial center of imperialism, a place of great wealth and opulence. But right within the city's borders, and in smaller towns and cities just a short drive away, there are neighborhoods and cities that have been left to rot. The tour will spend time in these post-industrial hellholes populated with people who have been cast off, people for whom this system truly has no future. The tour will be reaching into places with some of the greatest wealth disparities in the country, places where the high school dropout rate is close to 50 percent for some oppressed nationalities, places that are centers of housing foreclosures and staggering unemployment. It will connect up both with people who suffer from the New Jim Crow attacks of mass incarceration and police brutality and murder as well as concentrations of immigrants from all throughout the world.                                      

$50,000 is needed for this leg of the tour. There have been more volunteers asking to be part of it, and we’re aiming for two RVs this time. The last leg was funded by hundreds of people across the country—people who helped organize bake sales and raffles, and people who contributed large individual contributions.

I’m writing to ask if you’ll be part of this and give a contribution that can make a big difference in the world right now. I’d also like to ask you to send a statement of support. You can see others HERE.

In talking about this tour, a Black woman from Sanford who bought BAsics and took part in a speak-out at the local police station put it well, “I just want everybody that was there to be encouraged and to continue to do what you're doing because it is a message that he has that is really opening up our eyes. Some may not want their eyes to be open and want things to be as it always has been, but this is something that need to be told. This story need to be told. It need to open up the eyes of what is really going on in America.”

I look forward to hearing back.



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