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What is the Revolution Club?

The Revolution Club bases itself on two principles:

  • Humanity Needs Revolution And The New Communism Brought Forward By Bob Avakian
  • Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution

What does it mean to join the Revolution Club?

Joining the Revolution Club means that you agree to uphold, live by and fight for the Six Points Of Attention.

It means you spread the word about the revolution we need and the leadership we have in Bob Avakian.

And it means you do all this in an organized way, taking guidance from

First Steps...

5 STOPS—five horrific forms of oppression that this system can't reform away.

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2 CHOICES—either live with all this and the oppression will go on and on ... or, as BA says: MAKE REVOLUTION.

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6 POINTS OF ATTENTION which The Revolution Club upholds, lives by, and fights for. ... Spread them. Take them up.

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Wear this


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Get into this book

BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian

A handbook for revolution.

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“You can't change the world if you don't know the BAsics.”

Announcing… Next Phase of the
National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour

It is with great excitement, deep concern for humanity, and a scientifically grounded sense of hope in real-world possibility of a better future, that we announce and invite you to become part of the next phase of the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.

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Points of Attention for the Revolution

The Revolution Club upholds, lives by and fights for the following principles:

1 We base ourselves on and strive to represent the highest interests of humanity: revolution and communism. We do not tolerate using the revolution for personal gain.

2 We fight for a world where ALL the chains are broken. Women, men, and differently gendered people are equals and comrades. We do not tolerate physically or verbally abusing women or treating them as sexual objects, nor do we tolerate insults or “jokes” about people’s gender or sexual orientation.

3 We fight for a world without borders, and for equality among different peoples, cultures and languages. We do not tolerate insults, “jokes” or derogatory names about a person’s race, nationality, or language.

4 We stand with the most oppressed and never lose sight of their potential to emancipate humanity—nor of our responsibility to lead them to do that. We work to win people of all backgrounds to take part in the revolution, and do not tolerate revenge among the people.

5 We search for and fight for the truth no matter how unpopular, even as we listen to and learn from the observations, insights and criticisms of others.

6 We are going for an actual overthrow of this system and a whole better way beyond the destructive, vicious conflicts of today between the people. Because we are serious, at this stage we do not initiate violence and we oppose all violence against the people and among the people.

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“...we have two choices: either, live with all this—and condemn future generations to the same, or worse, if they have a future at all—or, make revolution!

Bob Avakian

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The New Communism

Bob Avakian

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BA Speaks:
Bob Avakian Live

A must-see film of a talk given by Bob Avakian in 2012. Watch the entire film HERE.

Contact the Revolution Club:

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