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A Talk by Bob Avakian

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“Avakian is saying we need to take to the streets and drive out the Trump regime, and I’m with him on that.”

It was an excellent speech. I liked the way Bob Avakian developed the whole thing of capitalism and how he dealt with the history of Black people. I liked how he dealt with the Republicans and Democrats and how they’re all on the same team, which reminded me of a speech he gave years ago, “You Can’t Beat the Enemy While Raising His Flag,” because that’s the same flag of the Nazis, the KKK, the skinheads. That’s the same flag they raised when they castrated and hung Black people. The same flag Black people went to war under and came back and couldn’t get any justice in this country, still under segregation, racism. So that put me in the mind of that.

After Black men fought and died for this country in WW2, segregation still continued. German prisoners of war had better seats on the train than Black soldiers who had fought and died for this country.

And when he talked about the Nazis and Hitler, and people remaining silent, or saying we’re on the same team—no, we’re not on the same team. They’re on the team of murder and plunder and racism and sexism—we’re not on that team. That goes back to what I said: You can’t beat the enemy while raising his flag. And back to the part he said about the Democrats and the Republicans being on the same team, and they are. READ MORE.

Thoughts on Nov. 4, 2017: “This speech challenged me to stand strong in a new way”

I am a Black 69-year-old retired public school teacher who has lived my life building for revolution in this country. I have been a supporter of the RCP since 1978. I have followed the line of this organization as it spoke to the highest interests of humanity: an end to oppression and inequality. It has taught me how to stand on the right side of history.

So, I have studied the writings and speeches of Bob Avakian for a while. At the insistence of my best sister friend, I studied the speech about Nov 4th. I got blown away with a 21st wind of analysis that spoke to the horrid reality of what we are living with, in real time. I had thought, “You know what he’s going to say” and quickly had to cast away that illusion. The analysis of history leading us to today’s world was clear & spot on.  READ MORE.

Showing Bob Avakian’s New Film in an African American Community

11 of us gathered in this small church in the African-American community. The showing was hosted and organized by the minister who strongly supports Refuse Fascism’s Call and was previously introduced to the work of Bob Avakian (BA). She saw this showing as an important opportunity to bring the importance of this battle to drive out the Trump/Pence regime out amongst her parishioners and friends, as well as those who come to her food pantry every week. … The film really struck a chord in people there. READ MORE.

From Revolution Club, Chicago

Watching the New Bob Avakian Talk with High School Students and Getting Organized for Nov 4

We met a student at a protest on the anniversary of the police murder of Laquan McDonald. When we got back together with her we watched the one-hour speech by BA. She liked it and asked questions throughout. During the part about Obama she said, "oh, people take that wrong about we’re hoping for success.” We said, well he did say “we’re all on same team,” normalizing fascism. Then she was like, oh, ok, she hadn’t thought of it that way. She said early on this is really good, but some of this stuff I already know, not new to me. But at the end she said I was thinking about all he’s going through, things I think are common knowledge but not. The question she asked right after the film, after we drive out Trump and Pence, what’s going to happen next? We answered it but also told her it’s answered in the Q&A for BA’s filmed talk.

We talked to her about revolution, she doesn’t think working within the system works. She was talking about police and said she doesn't think they’re trained to kill, but trained to make it OK. Wanted to know that if we drive out Trump and Pence will we stop there, because white supremacy won’t end after Trump and Pence are out. Talked to her about revolution which she was in agreement with and was interested in joining the Revolution Club, but also that driving out Trump and Pence is what the revolution has to go through right now because they are a threat to humanity. She’s very insightful, knowledgeable. Her boyfriend was studying things not taught in school like slavery and then she got into doing her own research. She told her grandma about planning to walk out of school. Her grandma is very religious, but hates Trump and is in favor of walkout. Last time she was in a walkout she didn’t tell grandma but she saw her on the news. The first walkout was re: Trump, she asked the principal and didn’t get permission, but did it anyway. She will ask, but committed. Asked for more materials to get to friends, she knows friends who go to another school, she understands this needs to get out there, people need to know about Nov 4 and see the BA film.

Another student we met at the Oct 22 Take A Knee protest at the Bears game. When she met us she was really worried about healthcare. We sent her the trailer for the BA film that day and she said she couldn’t wait to watch the whole thing. When we got together we watched the full hour together. She had passed out the stickers, her friends were wearing the sticker and asking her what it was. What she said about people she’s been talking to is they don’t see the possibility. She told her school about it, her family about it.

After the film, she was talking about the history she got from it, about Brown people, she’s Latina and when Trump was nominated she was in Texas and she and her aunt were getting verbal attacks. She talked about Brown people and the oppression that has happened until now. About North Korea, she said she didn’t think about it that way that the reason they have nukes is because of the U.S.

We talked about organizing a walkout from school and asked her what if school doesn’t allow you to do it? She said will do it anyway and her family is supportive. She asked for a lot of materials and we gave her as much as possible. Told her when students wear the stickers to take video of people wearing it. She was also talking about reaching out to other schools. She’s on a group text. When I told her let’s make a meet-up to show it to group, she texted right away—friends from other schools. She agrees that people need to watch this. She also was interested in revolution and we talked about the future for children all over the world. She said driving out the Trump/Pence regime is more important than her education right now. Told her I would follow up with her in a couple days to see how things are going.



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